Types of Earthmoving Equipment for Your Next Project

Versatile Earthmoving Equipment for All Your Construction Needs

When it comes to choosing the right equipment for your jobsite, we’ve got you covered. DW1 offers a wide range of versatile equipment for all your earthmoving needs, whether you’re moving large quantities of dirt and rock or installing trenches to lay pipe, cables, drainage, and more.  


Backhoe Loaders

A backhoe loader, also known as a rear actor, is a versatile piece of heavy equipment ideal for construction jobsites of all sizes. Combining the functions of digging and moving, it streamlines tasks across various projects with ease and efficiency. Its design offers both maneuverability and strength, making it suitable for small to large-scale operations. Featuring a loader bucket for pushing, lifting, and carrying materials on one side, and a backhoe for effortless digging on the other, it enables users to work smarter, not harder. The ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, such as digging and lifting, enhances productivity for various jobsites. 

Common applications for a backhoe loader: 


Mini Excavators

Mini excavators, also referred to as compact excavators, range in size from 2,000lb to 18,500lb and are primarily used for digging and trenching. Depending on the size of the unit, their digging depth can vary from 6’ to 24’. Most mini excavators offer a choice between open or closed cab configurations and are typically gas-powered. The key advantage of utilizing a mini excavator lies in its capability to navigate through tight spaces inaccessible to larger units, effectively excavating holes on the jobsite. Equipped with rubber tracks, these machines minimize ground damage, ensuring optimal site preservation. 

Common applications for a mini excavator: 

Common attachments:  


Skid Steer Loaders 

A skid-steer, also known as a compact track loader, is a compact multipurpose piece of heavy equipment that is mainly used for digging and hauling materials. While typically equipped with a bucket, a skid steer is very versatile with many additional attachments. Skid-steers are sized and weighed based on their frame dimensions, ranging from 6K to 10K pounds. Selecting the appropriate skid-steer depends on the specifics of your project scope, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance. 

Skid Steer Loader Rentals

Common applications for a skid-steer: 


Two main types of skid-steers: Track and Wheeled

A track skid-steer is better used on rough terrain when you have a ground up build and you need to navigate through mounds of debris or dirt. Track skid-steers tend to move significantly slower than a unit with wheels. Wheeled skid-steers are best when working on flat, even ground. Opting for a wheeled skid-steer can safeguard against potential pavement damage, as track units may leave marks. 

DW1 is your leading provider of waste removal and jobsite rentals nationwide. No matter the scope of your project, your dedicated Account Manager will assess your needs and recommend the best equipment for the job, and our national network of vendors will deliver it to your jobsite anywhere in the United States. 


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