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Concrete Demolition
Tools and machines for concrete demolition and disposal.
Equipment and Haul-away for Concrete Demolition

When your project calls for demolishing existing concrete, you need the right equipment for the job – from concrete saws to jackhammers and more. We provide rentals so you don’t need to purchase jackhammers and other equipment that you don’t need long-term.

When it comes to disposing of the concrete, we’ve got your back too: hauling and disposing of this industrial waste in ways that save you time and money. Your dedicated Account Manager will help you find a turnkey solution to transport the waste away from any jobsite in the country, and follow government regulations for disposal.

Products & Features
Concrete Buggies
Wheeled Power Buggies
  • Ride-on unit
  • Gas/propane powered
  • Capacity: 16-21 cubic feet of material
  • Holds 16 – 21 cubic feet of material
Track Power Buggies
  • Ride-on unit
  • Gas powered
  • Control on rough terrain
  • Heavy-duty welded chassis
  • Holds 16 – 21 cubic feet of material
  • Capacity: 16-21 cubic feet of material
Concrete Washouts
10 Yard Washout Container

Perfect for heavy materials like dirt, clay, concrete, and asphalt.

  • Watertight for less spillage 
  • Cost effective for concrete containment and disposal 
  • LEED options available 
  • Small footprint and easy setup
1.5 Yard Concrete Washout Pan

Designed to fit directly underneath the concrete pump truck for easy hopper outlet and transition washout.

  • 10-15 washouts
  • 300-gallon capacity
  • 3 tons capacity
2.35 Yard Concrete Washout Pan

Designed for above or below grade washouts which are great for concrete pump trucks and Ready Mix trucks.

  • 20-30 washouts
  • 425-gallon
  • 5 ton capacity
Concrete Tools
Handheld Concrete Saw
  • 6” max cut depth 
  • Compact and lightweight design 
Walk Behind Concrete Saw
  • 16” max cut depth 
  • Ideal for wet/dry cutting of concrete and asphalt pavement
Pneumatic Jackhammer
  • 35 - 90 lb. 
  • Utilized for the demolition of concrete floors, pavement, masonry walls, and bridge decks 
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